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Volunteer Opportunities


For those interested in getting involved with the work of AWLCI through a volunteer position, we have opportunities in administration, curriculum development, and teaching/tutoring. Please read below to see if there is an opportunity to get involved that matches your interests. Please email if you have questions about volunteering with AWLCI.

The following departments have availabilities: 



5-10 hours per week:

Assist with research, writing, planning, and communication.


10-15 hours per week:

Take on multiple roles in different departments or a more robust role including managing projects or departments.


15+ hours per week: 

If you are interested in volunteering more than 15 hours per week, please contact to discuss your specific interests.


Potential Administrative roles include:

  • Recruitment and volunteer coordination

  • Grant research, writing and fundraising

  • Online presence, social media, SEO

  • Project Management 


Curriculum Development:

7+ Hours per week

We have opportunities to assist with curriculum development and lesson planning for our English, Literacy, and medical Spanish courses. We focus on an interactive, intensive approach to language learning with an emphasis on speaking and comprehension. Training is provided!



5+ Hours per week

If you are interested in hands-on work tutoring adult ESOL and medical Spanish students 1-3 times per week, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about intercultural understanding, language education, and teaching. You can also work with small groups of students and facilitate interactive activities to provide the most beneficial experience for students. 

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