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ESOL Teaching Opportunities

While AWLCI's various initiatives rely most on volunteer support and teaching in their classes, paid teaching opportunities are available. Please read below for more details.


The Boston Community ESOL Center (BCEC) is seeking an instructor to teach English to community members with limited English proficiency in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston. This position is ideal for individuals interested in teaching while helping immigrant populations gain access to services and job opportunities. 

Classes will be held twice per week on a schedule to be determined by instructor and program availability. Instructors will be paid up to $80 per 1-hour class.

Experience in teaching English or teaching under-served communities is preferred.


  • Creating weekly lesson plans

  • Developing interactive activities and using props and other supporting materials as necessary to enhance students' classroom experience

  • Actively engaging and interacting with students during class


  • A proactive work ethic and professional demeanor

  • Strong oral and written communication skills

  • English fluency

  • Ability to work in a collaborative setting and willingness to apply feedback

  • Comfortable with teaching in small to medium size classroom environments

  • Ability to cater to a range of student skills, knowledge, ages and backgrounds

  • A patient and friendly personality

  • And most importantly, a strong desire to make a difference in the Boston community!

To apply, please fill out our application. After submitting your application form, the application process includes an interview, teaching a mock lesson, and a reference check.

Span Teach Anchor
Span Teach Anchor
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