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Mission, Vision, and Values



- To strengthen communities through linguistic and cultural understanding.



- An established institution in the Boston community graduating over 500 ESOL students, over 200 medical Spanish students, and over 32 TEFL students annually. AWLCI will significantly contribute to a decrease in disproportionate unemployment levels among immigrant populations and healthcare disparities among Hispanic populations, and an increase in bilingualism in the Boston area through our free English courses, TEFL, and medical Spanish courses.  All of this will be driven by a full-time staff of 9, paid lead-teachers and co-teachers, and a large base of trained volunteers receiving basic stipends.




- Working with others already active in the community to help further improve their ability to provide services to critically underserved populations and improve their communities.



- A commitment to helping non-native English speakers gain more equal access to critical services, most notably healthcare.



- To commit individuals to a path of life-long education and discovery of the world around them, in Boston and beyond.


- Helping community members better advocate for themselves and their communities through improved linguistic and cultural understanding.


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