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Thank You for Your Donation! 


Thank you very much for your donation to AES World Languages and Cultures Institute. Your generous contribution allows us to continue facilitating cultural integration through the promotion of linguistic and cultural understanding to a community that appreciates and truly benefits from them. If you would like to know how your valuable gift is being used please contact us at  

Invaluable Supporters


Minsuk S.

Leo Zhang

Betsy B.

Il Won C.

Seungki K.

Maeve C.

Mary A.

Kirthini M.

Croline I. 

Hyun Sook L.

Sarah Y. 

Melody F. 

Shu Kook K. 

Regina H. 

Zach W. 

Kelsey F.







Molly & Deborah D.

Margaritas Management Group

Amber A.

Tim White

Eva K.

Jesus G.

Thomas A.

Sara Cavallo

Rebecca S.

Caroline T.

Frank and Kathie S.

Justin M. 

Charlotte A. 

Clementine D.

Tally P.

Jong-Seop R.







Julian O.

Jillian Anderson

Big Brothers Big Sisters 

Network for Good 

Gabriel G. 

Mauricio Gavilanes

Felicia Plunkett

Program Sustainers


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